Phong Huynh

Phong Huynh

Software Developer

ING DIRECT Infographic


December 2013

This is a bilingual interactive application for users to see what kind of saver they are and how to max out with a Tax-Free Savings Account.

For this application I converted design comps into HTML/CSS using Zurb Foundation 5 along Sass. In addition, using Compass for spriting. I was learning Grunt at the time and I decided to use it with this application. One of the required tasks was for the app to be bilingual, therefore including an English and a French version. This was done in PHP, checking for the query string or locale to determine whether to show the English or French version.

The answers (second page) were implemented with a Form Matrix given to me in an Excel file which I converted into a JSON file. In addition, Google Analytics events were created on the application for the client to track button clicks and various events.