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Phong Huynh

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Why End-to-End Testing is Important for Your Team

How our team did it in 4 easy steps Originally published at At Hubba, our business needs are always evolving and the development speed needs to catch up with it. One of the ways to keep the team moving forward without breaking everything is End-to-end Testing (E2E). Having a full test suite with E2E tests allows us… Continue reading

Marvel API + Vuepack (Vue + Vuex)

Getting Started with Vue, Vuex, and API calls Originally published at TL;DR — This article will show you how to get quickly started with Vue and Vuex. In addition to grabbing data from an API and displaying it. We will be building a simple application that searches the Marvel database for characters then displays the results…. Continue reading

Angular vs React

Demo Links This is based on a lunch and learn presentation that I created, comparing Angular and React. First, I will be going through legacy vs future applications as the purpose of the presentation was to talk about the existing issues of the current application (written in AngularJS) and to provide knowledge around the newer frameworks/libraries. Legacy Front… Continue reading

Simple React Redux Starter Guide / Documentation

When I started learning React Redux and creating side projects with it, I found it very hard to find a minimal starter/boilerplate package to start with. Picking and learning new tools can be difficult, especially in the current JavaScript ecosystem. The big reason to why I had trouble finding a starter was because a lot… Continue reading

JavaScript Unit Testing and Code Coverage

In my last blog post A Web Developer’s Transition From School to the Workplace I wrote that as a web developer, you should never stop learning and growing. I joined a new company a bit over a year ago and in the past year I have learned a lot, specifically about unit testing code. This is because on our projects, unit tests are required for… Continue reading